Night photos \ Palm trees on Safra square
Photographer: © RomKri Date: 08.10.2006 Photo number: 5988 Views: 29k
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Palm at Jaffa gate
Photographer: © RomKri Date: 04.07.2009 Photo number: 9823 Views: 11k
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One palm and to windows
Photographer: © RomKri Date: 19.04.2005 Photo number: 1264 Views: 35k
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Aaron Ovadia
just a nice sky looking through the palm leaves.
Photographer: © Aaron Ovadia Date: 30.08.2006 Photo number: 5830 Views: 18k
Night photos \ Palm tree at night
Photographer: © Valery Dembitsky Date: 22.12.2010 Photo number: 16624 Views: 13k
Night photos \ Palm-trees
Photographer: © Vlad Date: 21.02.2005 Photo number: 782 Views: 116k