© Valery Dembitsky \ The Chagall Windows of Marc Chagall, Hadassah, Ein Kerem
The Windows represents the 12 sons of the Patriarch Jacob, from whom came the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Chagall's Windows are populated by floating figures of animals, fish, flowers, and numerous Jewish symbols.

19 Jule 2009
The Synagogue of the Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center was dedicated on February 6th, 1962, as part of Hadassah's Golden Anniversary celebration. The floors and interior walls are made of Jerusalem Stone, and the Synagogue is illuminated by a hanging lantern and by sunlight which streams through the magnificent Chagall Windows.
Photographer: © Valery Dembitsky Date: 19.07.2009 Photo number: 10031 Views: 87k
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