Night photos \ Old City - night shot
Photographer: © RomKri Date: 06.04.2005 Photo number: 1145 Views: 38k
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Aaron Ovadia
This angle gives jerusalem a European touch... That is my opinion...maybe it is the architecture and the white clouds.
This was a shot taken on kikar tzion - Ben Yehuda St.
sometime in the autumn of 2005.
Photographer: © Aaron Ovadia Date: 29.08.2006 Photo number: 5828 Views: 24k
Bearing a cross in the Old City
This shot was taken in the courtyard of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. I'm not sure where this young man was going with the cross.
Photographer: © Al Teich Date: 16.01.2006 Photo number: 3649 Views: 42k
city center
new city center. night shot. summer 2005.
Photographer: © Ori.K Date: 15.04.2006 Photo number: 4696 Views: 11k
Foot brake on the delivery cart
To keep the cart from rolling down the steps, the man pushing it steps hard on this rubber tire.
This is a detailed shot of the cart in another picture.
Photographer: © Al Teich Date: 16.01.2006 Photo number: 3641 Views: 11k
Night shot of David´s Tower
Elad Sherman
Photographer: © Elad Sherman Date: 28.03.2007 Photo number: 6700 Views: 46k